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TripAdvisor's influence is growing and direct booking will accelerate that power.  A low rating can damage a brand’s reputation and revenue. Five-star ratings are the holy grail of hotel marketing, but how can you get more of them? The answer is simple: Use data and your property’s greatest strengths to harness brand power.At Bespoke, we go beyond reputation management to create brand experiences your guests will praise online and bring you more like-minded guests.

Today, consumers expect more than the ordinary to be worthy of a TripAdvisor review. From the analog (location, rooms, service, amenities) to the digital (easy online booking, web tools, zippy mobile apps) it’s hard for boutique hotels to know where to focus. Identifying where a brand is lagging and how best to address its shortfalls is where Bespoke brand analysis comes in. Our ingenious methodology leverages TripAdvisor data to identify where your property can make its smartest investments against its toughest competitors.

Harnessing brand power requires decision makers to filter through "new cool" trends like antigravity yoga studios and room service apps. Using TripAdvisor data, Bespoke determines which additions, upgrades, subtractions and alterations will speak to your customer’s notion of “cool.” We help engineer the experiences that make for drama and acclaim. Your brand is articulated not through what makes it great but by what makes it uniquely great. 

The boutique hotel industry has always thrived when it offers experiences its competitors, namely the big flag brands, cannot offer. The perfect recommendation, impeccable front desk service, unforgettable rooms and uncompromising amenities turn customers into fans. Interesting, bold and genuine experiences is where AirBnB is headed. Beat them both by understanding your property's brand footprint today and where it might expand tomorrow.

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