Our Founder's Story

The son of a navigator, Leighton began traveling at the tender age of three. He's survived boat strandings, cliff falls and weeks–long hurricanes with navigation skills learned from his father, a US Navy destroyer captain. Leighton's sense of direction—and leadership skills—have been thoroughly tested.

Leighton founded Bespoke after senior leadership roles on Madison Avenue and in management consulting where he worked on global travel brands. He directed teams for the world's largest interactive ad agency, Omnicom's Agency.com, and managed world headquarters in New York City. He's launched everything from the first LasVegas.com to booking engines and from Stephen King horror novels to kitty litter for Proctor & Gamble. It was at Agency.com that Leighton pioneered ideas about digital marketing and consumer profiling. He holds records for ecommerce that remain unbroken today.

Today, Leighton's team of creatives, developers and marketers put the technologies built for major brands in the hands of independent properties. Bespoke's work cracks the code on TripAdvisor and Google and helps independent properties thrive in the hostile world of travel marketing. Leighton continues to do brand consulting for lifestyle brands.

Leighton speaks frequently and judges award shows. He also continues to travel extensively; he's five states away from visiting all 50 US states and four islands away from touring every Caribbean destination. While you will often find him on Nantucket's cobblestone streets, his Instagram account will pinpoint his current location.

Bespoke Philanthropy

Bespoke supports charities whose mission is housing and nutrition. Bespoke's team members are fortunate to be world travelers and are enriched by cultures near and far. Our giving focuses on those who basic requirements for food and shelter are at risk. We support the following: The Boston Food Bank, Nantucket Culinary, Austin's Sustainable Food Center, Atlanta Food Alliance, New York City's Housing Works.

Housing Works Greater Boston Food Bank Nantucket Culinary Sustainable Food Center Atlanta Food Alliance

Agency Days

As an agency, our team comes from a variety of backgrounds and experience sets. From traditional marketing agencies to nonprofit development, ecommerce, journalism, web development and higher ed, those collective experiences are synthetized in the Bespoke approach. We're all reading different blogs, following different trends, and toying with a variety of new apps on our smartphones. Once a week, we bring those perspectives together for our weekly share session. Over pad Thai or Beacon Hill's best pizza, Bespoke Share is a rapid–fire aggregation of what we're reading, watching, learning and listening to on the web.

It happens around the long table in our studio—minds from every corner of our workflow come together to share relevant, interesting, game–changing items from the Internet of Things. One of us might present a scorching hot hashtag while another shares a website with design elements we admire. Together, we weigh the merits and functional applications of these items and put them to work in client strategy. An animated photo collage from a high fashion retailer inspires activity panels on a boutique inn's website. A new Facebook analytics tool becomes a core component of our content strategy.

Digital trends don't shift year–to–year. We observe marketing patterns on a week–to–week basis. From brand stories to industry reports, these insights are best delivered from minute to minute. Checking in on Fridays keeps our fingers to the pulse of new marketing opportunities, thought leadership, and social media sensations.

Finding The Studio

We are at 4 Mount Vernon Square, Beacon Hill. If you just use Google maps, it will direct you incorrectly to an alley—Beacon Hill is over 200 years old and Google doesn't like its tiny streets.

Take Charles Street to Mount Vernon Street. Go west one short block to the corner of Mount Vernon Street and River Place. Take a right down River Place. This short lane will narrow and you'll see a small park through what looks like an alley. Approach the tiny park about ten steps looking on your right for a glass–and–black wood door. There's a small silver Bespoke sign on the brick wall and an enormous wisteria vine overhead. That's us. Ring the door bell and someone will come down to get you.

We have office pets, so let us know if you have major allergies.


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